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Our quality charter

As a professional wedding agency, I respect a quality charter.
Here are my commitments to you.

Certification Ecole du MariageCommitment 1 – I establish a clear offer joined with a detailed estimate (all included tax). A written agreement will be given, stating the commitment on both sides.

Commitment 2 – I have a professional civil liability and I make sure that every vendor hired for the wedding does have one as well.

Commitment 3 – I shall keep confidential all information that my clients may share with me.

Commitment 4 – My fees are decided in accordance with the wedding market.

Commitment 5 – My contacts list includes vendors of quality who respect the security standards that are specific to each professional activity.

Commitment 6 – I update my contact list according to the wedding market trends, my own knowledge and my abilities.

Commitment 7 – I make myself available for my clients and my vendors. I will do everything in my power to satisfy their expectations.

Commitment 8 – I introduce the team of vendors to my clients (the bride and the groom), from the very beginning of the preparations.

Commitment 9 – I coordinate the whole wedding day, from the bride’s preparations to the brunch the next day.

Commitment 10 – I am caring and considerate towards my clients, my vendors and all of their colleagues.


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